Fur Burger

There are so many choices! Seriously, a woman is spoilt for choice!

There’s the shaved one, the hairy one, the landing strip, the triangular, the decorated and the tattooed!

How is one supposed to know what type of pussy a man prefers, each to their own and all that?

The way I personally see things is; I am a WOMAN! And my personal opinion is that a woman needs hair. I’ve got hair… I.e. I’m not a 12 year old girl!

However, no matter how trimmed and hygienic my ‘mature’ sex is, it’s never good enough to please all. My non-pornographically categorized minge will always offend, shock or surprise my everyday audience.

I cannot begin to describe how wrong I believe a clean-shaven pussy, in my view, appears. On stage you have a, clearly, mature woman in her thirties dancing and grinding a filthy pole, yet her filthiest parts appear perversely young and immature! Who wants to fuck a nine year old? (Seriously sick people please, I am not looking for your reply here!)

I’ve done my research – personal research, I might add. Many seem to be under the impression that a clean-shaven pussy is more hygienic and therefore perhaps (might I add), better tasting. But how wrong that general thought is! Who is to say that a woman with a full on Aussie bush isn’t a better cleaner or caretaker of her feminine parts than the “baby-fanny” lady you lick every day?

And then there was the new phenomenon; the vajazzle – “to decorate the vulva or pubic area with jewels” as the famous online Wiki-source would say.

I’m a lady. I love jewels. I love shiny things. I love jewels. I love jewels. I luuurve jewels! I love things that shine in reflections of light! I love jewels. And how about those jewels? Don’t you just love them? But then there was the vajazzle… Do I love it?

I’m one of those cursedly old-fashioned people who don’t believe in piercings or tattoos all over the sacred gift that is the body. If I wanted ‘bling’ I’d surely have added it a long time ago! But with the vajazzle… is it a gift for us who are seriously commitment-phobic or is it just a cheap escape that everyone will see through? I’m puzzled.

Just as the greatest poet would say; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even if it is the beauty of the mysterious fur burger!

Xx O

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